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Next Level Photography

Christie believes that editing photos is just as important as shooting them. She takes the time to make sure that all of her photos are looking their best. From landscapes, creative, commercial, or portraits, Christie will make sure the finished product is next level. 

Product Photography

Christie is not just a landscape photographer, she also loves to shoot products.

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COMM 316 Portfolio

COMM 316 Portfolio

The best of my COMM 316 semester I've learned a lot this semester and am grateful for the skills I have developed. Not only have a honed in on the type of photography that I love, landscape and fine art photography, but I've also learned valuable editing and SEO...

Winter Family Portraits

Winter Family Portraits

Amy's family photoshoot, just in time for Christmas. Amy hired me to take family portraits. We had a couple of hiccups, first being we can to cancel because her father has been in a bad car accident. He was hit by another driver and broke his back in three places. Can...

Food Photography

Christie loves to bake and spends a lot of time in the kitchen. She has developed a love for food photography and is always trying to capture the perfect photo of kitchen creations. 


Christie’s favorite kind of photography is Landscape Photography. She even sells her prints! 

Island Park

Palisade Lake

Bannack Ghost Town

For the Love of Photos

Some photos need to be taken just because…just for the love of creating beautiful images. 

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