Capturing Extraordinary Shots in Ordinary Spots

How can we find beauty in the ordinary, mundane situations? Roberto Valenzuela shared his amazing approach of capturing extraordinary shots in ordinary spots. Check out some of his amazing shots here: Roberto Valenzuela Photos

When trying to shoot an Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot, you simply need to focus on the spots that most people would just pass by or over-loo. what is beautiful about the room your sitting in? The street you walk on every day? Have you looked up high lately? Or lay on your back to get a unique angle?

Get Creative! Experiment and find that Extraordinary shot in an every-day ordinary spot.

Here’s an ordinary shot I took on my daughter’s birthday. It’s a photo of her cake and balloons:

ordinary spot extraordinary shot cake and balloons

But how to make it look extraordinary? I centered in on a couple of subjects individually — the balloons and the cake. Using the Invisible black background technique that I mentioned in this post, I created these extraordinary shots:

ordinary spot extraordinary shot balloons

ordinary spot extraordinary shot invisible black background cake

Here is the everyday, ordinary spot the above photo was taken (my kitchen table):

ordinary spot extraordinary shot kitchen table

Zooming in on the light alone, helped me to get this extraordinary shot:

Ordinary Spot Extra Ordinary Shot Chandelier

If you would like to see some more ordinary spot, extraordinary shots, check out these photos taken by Caryn Esplin, this post by Douglas Phan. Or these posts: Sarah Janelle and Baily Bennett.

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