Replacing My Face on a Movie Poster

For one of my Comm316 class assignments, we were given the awesome task of re-creating a movie poster that included a self-portrait (aka swapping faces).

Since I’m an ‘older’ college student *a-hem* and am attending college again after a 20-year hiatus, why not recreate the poster for the movie, Life of the Party, starring Melissa McCarthy?

Here’s the original:

melissa mccarthy life of the party movie poster

Using this self-portrait, taken in my living room, I recreated the Life of the Party poster using this image:

christie bryant self portrait movie poster

The idea came from my friend, Maddie. On the first night of class, she said that I reminded her of Melissa McCarthy. What?!? No one has ever said that to me before. This is where the idea to use one of Melissa McCarthy’s movies for my poster re-creation. Add the idea of going back to school later in life — and Life of the Party was a perfect fit!

Life of the Party movie poster starring yours truly:

replace your face in a movie poster fu

If you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial on replacing your own face in a movie poster, check out this post by Photoshop Star.

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