Landscape Print Marketing

My love for taking photographs developed at a very young age. Even at the tender at of 10 years old, I liked to take portraits of people but I’ve always loved to take Landscape photos. 

As I grew older, I also developed a love for the outdoors, specifically hiking. I try to capture photographs that embrace the beauty found when I’m walking in nature. Idaho is the perfect place for this, beauty can be found all around me. 

Because I love Landscapes so much, I decided to try my hand at selling prints. I created a tri-fold brochure to help sell the Landscape photography that I have printed and framed to sell at Wolfe Lighting in their new Idaho Falls location.

I started with the basics: my Landscape photos. I wanted to show each of my photographs already framed, some of them hanging in rooms. This way, people that are interested in purchasing my prints can see what they look like hanging in a room.

Here’s a look at what I came up with before I started putting together my brochure:

Marketing Landscape Prints by Christie Bryant

Marketing Landscape Prints by Christie Bryant

To prepare to create my landscape marketing brochure, I wanted to have several more landscape prints available, so I scheduled another landscape shoot to get some winter shots as well as the autumn shots I had previously captured. This next room features a Landscape from the additional shoot:

Marketing Landscape Prints by Christie Bryant

Here’s a look at how my landscape prints turned out inside the tri-fold brochure that I created:

Marketing Framed Landscape Prints by Christie Bryant

Here is the outside of the tri-fold brochure:

Marketing Framed Landscape Prints by Christie Bryant

I had them printed and folded at AlphaGraphics in Rexburg. They’re now ready to display along with the framed prints at Wolfe Lighting in Idaho Falls.

There is a store set up right here on my website to purchase my photography prints. Click HERE to take a gander.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to another sample of a tri-fold brochure.




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