Halloween Themed Fashion Shoot

halloween fashion by Christie Bryant

The beautiful Rachel Brown modeled as Cruella de Vil. We’ve got to love anyone who is willing to take on a fairytale villain. Cruella’s love for Dalmatian puppies (eh hem…their fur) makes us love to hate this “cruel devil”.  But there’s nothing but love for Rachel and her Cruella de Vil costume, she was a fantastic Halloween fashion model!

Check out this fun Cruella De Vil costume idea from Elle Magazine: Cruella De Vil

And have you heard that Emma Stone is taking on the famous Cruella De Vil for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians live-action film?

Halloween Fashion by Christie Bryant

More than just a Corpse Bride, we also had a Corpse Groom at our Halloween-themed fashion shoot. Mikyla and Danny were wonderful to work with. Isn’t their spooky makeup fantastic?  They’re gorgeous people even as a skeleton couple! Mikyla did her own skeleton make-up, while Cami Judd was Danny’s makeup artist.

Halloween Fashion by Christie Bryant

Samantha Johnson as the all-too-beautiful Bride of Frankenstein. Samantha, along with, Hayden Chatterton, dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster, made a ‘glowing’ couple in the green and red LED lights. We used LED light wands to create the creepy green glow on their skin, as well as the red backdrop.

The amazing make-up artists working on Samantha and Hayden were Jamie Rakes and Jessie Schuelke.

Halloween Fashion by Christie Bryant

Here are a couple more individual shots of the Corpse Bride & Groom, Danny, and Mikyla:

Halloween Fashion by Christie Bryant

Mikyla is such a gorgeous girl. Loved photographing her and her sweet hubby, Danny. They have no officially been married for 6 months.

Halloween Fashion by Christie Bryant

The makeup and costumes were amazing and so much fun to shoot. It’s nice to add a new kind of photography to my portfolio: HALLOWEEN Fashion Photography.

If you have a minute, check out some amazing fashion photographers:

Tim Walker,  Alexandra Nataf













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