Fun with Food and Product Photography Indoors:

Christie Bryant_Food and Product Photography_Sprinkles

Experimenting with sprinkles! Can we call this food? I think Sprinkles make the most colorful subject for Food and Product Photography. These sprinkles were photographed inside a lightbox.

Christie Bryant_Food and Product Photography_Comfort

Comfort Shower Gel shot indoors with speed lights and a light reflector. I added a bit of water on the bottle for that ‘little something extra’.

Christie Bryant_Food and Product PhotographyLifeSavers

Life Savers: This show was taken on a light table. Taking food and product photography on a light table can get addictive. Look at that perfect white background.

Christie Bryant_Food and Product PhotographyChristie Bryant_Food and Product Photography_bread and cheese

Bread and Cheese on a breadboard. Yum! This was shot with natural sunlight from a nearby window.

Fun with Food and Product Photography Outdoors:

Christie Bryant_Food and Product PhotographyTic Tacs

Wintergreen Tic Tacs. What could be better than snow for this shot?  The only added light used for this product was a reflector.

Christie Bryant_Food and Product Photography_tomatoes

Take your camera outdoors: Tomatoes and Plants on the deck outside. The only added light was a reflector for the natural light.

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