A Crash Course in Creativity

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of cinemagraphs popping up on my Instagram feed. Honestly, I LOVE the way they look and have been interested in learning how to create one for quite a while now.

I watched this awsome tutorial by PHLEARN and followed along with the editing process step by step:

After watching the PHLEARN video, my first attempt at a cinemagraph was stirring some pumpkin spice into warm milk.

stirring milk cinemagraph

After several attempts and quite the learning curve, I decided to attempt another subject, pouring chocolate on icecream.

cinemagraph crash course

This was seriously so much fun to do! I loved learning about cinemagraphs and how to create them.

One MAJOR tip for beginners: USE A TRIPOD! My first attempts were harder because you need that still shot in the background.

If you want to learn more about cinemagraphs step-by-step, check out this wonderful tutorial on hubspot.com called, How to Create a Cinemagraph in 7 easy steps. 




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