What Do I Need to Start Branding Myself?

Branding yourself can seem like a daunting task but it’s very important. Your personal brand reflects who you are as a photographer and designer. While I’m still in the beginning phase of designing my website and branding myself. It has helped to at least come up with some basics.

Before I even thought about coming up with a logo, I had already designed a watermark that I loved — I had already begun brading myself.  I created the following watermark which is my initials, “CB” inside of a heart.

branding yourself watermark christie bryant

Since I already had an established watermark, the next thing I needed to do was to come up with a color scheme. I’ve always loved grey and pink together and decided on the following color theme when branding myself:

branding yourself colors

When I sign my name, I usually use my first initial and then my full last name. Several people had commented that when I signed my name, the “CB” looked like a heart. This is where the inspiration to add a heart to my watermark. Since I have already established the heart, I decided to include that theme in my logo.

Now I was ready to think about my logo. Branding myself is a big step…with the idea of moving forward, I decided to go with my own handwriting along with a sans serif font. I kept with my color scheme but added some texture to the heart.

Here’s what I came up with for my logo:

branding yourself alternate logo

I added the logo to the following business card design using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign:

branding yourself christie bryant business card

Alternate designs are important as well. I used the same elements to come up with this alternate logo design:

branding yourself christie bryant

For my first round of designing and branding myself, I’ve chosen my brand colors, fonts, and created a logo.

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